All Time Stuyvesant Acceptance Rate And Cutoff Score

One troubling topic on the minds of applicants hoping to get into Stuyvesant High School is the Stuyvesant acceptance rate.

Stuyvesant is one of the nine specialized high schools administrated by the Department of Education, New York.

The school is part of the nine high schools operated by the DOE, NY to support gifted students in New York City academically and artistically.

Each year, about 29,000 applicants from both eighth and ninth grade living in New York take an entrance exam dubbed the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) to determine their eligibility to be placed in one of their desired Specialized High Schools.

Eight out of the nine specialized high schools including Stuyvesant admit new students using this SHSAT entrance exam.

The SHSAT is a standardized test used by the Department of Education in New York to place deserving students in Specialized high schools.

Stuyvesant acceptance rateStuyvesant also known as Stuy among students is arguably the most prolific among the specialized high schools in New York. The school currently has about 3,344 students in grades 9 – 12 and a student-teacher ratio of 22:1.

Looking at the Stuyvesant high school demographics, you will see that the school is not doing so well when it comes to student diversity and minority enrollment.

What is Stuyvesant Acceptance Rate?

Only 1% of total applications received are accepted into Stuyvesant each year. This makes Stuyvesant the most difficult among the nine specialized high schools in New York.

To translate into figures, out of the 39,000+ applicants who took the SHSAT each year, only 800-850 make it into Stuyvesant.

The Stuyvesant acceptance rate is a little below 3% each year. It is only a testament to how highly competitive and difficult it is to get into Stuyvesant.

What is Stuyvesant’s Cutoff Score?

On average each year, Stuyvesant’s SHSAT cutoff score is pegged at 560 points out of 800. Now that’s very competitive.

Due to the large number of applications received each year, the Department Of Education, New York uses cutoff scores given by each of the eight specialized high schools in placing deserving applicants in their preferred specialized high schools.

Stuyvesant acceptance rateStuyvesant does not have fixed cutoff scores due to the fact that it changes from year to year just like the seven other specialized high schools using the SHSAT.

However, the school has consistently posted the highest cutoff scores among the eight Specialized high schools over the years.

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