Work in Canada – Canadian Work Permit & Visa Process

Canada is a good destination for nationals of different countries who are seeking employment opportunities. If you’re looking for an excellent route to immigrate to the country permanently, you should consider WORK IN CANADA.

This article will cover Work in Canada eligibility requirements, information on Canadian Work permit, how to find work in Canada and benefits of working in Canada.


A work permit is top on the list of things you need to get ready if you want to work in Canada even though there are a few exceptions to this. Most often, to be able to apply for a work permit to work in Canada, you will need to have been offered a job by a firm or establishment supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

However, as earlier stated, there’s usually an exception to the rules… There are some situations where foreign nationals can apply for a work permit without an LMIA, or even a job offer.

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A recent graduate from a Canadian Designated Learning Institute (DLI), or the spouse of someone already on a Canadian work or study permit is an example of such exemption.

There are other eligibility criteria candidates who qualify to apply for the work permit must meet, such as;

You (must)

  1. Express your willingness to leave Canada after your work authorization expires;
  2. Show that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family (if you intend to bring them with you to Canada) and to return home;
  3. Ensure you’re not criminally or medically unfit to enter into Canada;
  4. Plan to work with an eligible employer only;
  5. Can provide any documents upon request that may prove your eligibility to enter and work in Canada.


It can be a whole lot to deal with trying to find work in Canada, especially if you do not have enough information on how to go about things.

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Great news is, there are a handful of resources made available for looking for job opportunities from a Canadian employer.

Another thing to take seriously is putting together your resume and fixing up your social media presence before sending out any applications as your chances of getting a job will depend to an extent on those.


You can check out the (a) Canadian Resume Guide and (b) Social Media Presence Guide for more information.

To be able to apply for certain positions in Canada, you may need to know the National Occupation Classification Code (NOC Code) and is used to classify all types of jobs by Canadian standards.

You can get information on the NOC Code by clicking here.

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If you’re wondering why you should consider working in Canada, below are a few benefits;

There’s a high-degree of workplace safety based on stipulations by the Canadian Labour force. By this all employers follow certain laws and regulations to ensure the wellbeing of their staff.
Wages are competitive, with foreign employees having equal rights to gain as much as their Canadian coworkers.
Some Canadian work permit will let you move with your spouse and kid(s) to Canada.
Gaining Canadian work experience will open you up to being eligible for permanent residency considerations.

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