The SHSAT Score Calculator; What Is It?

SHSAT score calculator

Find out in this post, all you must know about the SHSAT score calculator, what it is, and whether calculators are allowed during the test. First, let’s look at an overview of the SHSAT.

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The Specialized High School Assessment Test (SHSAT) is a standardized entrance exam administered to eighth and ninth graders residing in New York who is hoping to get into one of the eight designated Specialized High Schools.

The City of New York has nine designated Specialized High Schools, namely; Stuyvesant, Queens science @ York, Bronx Science, Staten Island Tech, HSMSE @ City College, HSAS at Lehman, Brooklyn Tech, Brooklyn Latin, and La Guardia High school.

These schools were established and are managed by the Department of Education, New York to provide a conducive learning environment for the realization of the full potential of gifted students in New York.

But getting into one of these specialized high schools can be a daunting task for an average student.

Except for La Guardia High School, an applicant must take the SHSAT entrance exam to be considered for placement into one of the remaining eight specialized high schools.

The SHSAT is designed to push students to their utmost limit with the hopes of sieving the gifted students from the lot.

Passing the SHSAT alone doesn’t guarantee your placement into your desired specialized high school.

You will have to beat the cutoff scores of your desired specialized school to be considered for placement in that particular school. Have a look at the general SHSAT cutoff scores for 2023.

However, the scores are arranged from the highest to the lowest to process the placement list of students to their preferred specialized high schools. This is why prospective students are encouraged to prepare adequately before taking the SHSAT.

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After practicing the tests, you will need a SHSAT score calculator to predict your score on the SHSAT based on the number of questions you answered correctly in each section.

Have a look at our earlier post on what a good SHSAT score is. Now, let’s get back to the SHSAT score calculator, what it is, and whether calculators are allowed during the test.

What is a SHSAT Score Calculator?

The SHSAT calculator is the average means of scoring students who sit for the SHSAT exams for a school year. The SHSAT consists of two sections, the English Language Art (ELA) section made up of 57 multiple-choice questions and the Mathematics section made up of 52 multiple-choice questions and 5 grid-in questions.

A SHSAT score calculator is a tool that allows you to predict your score on the SHSAT based on the number of questions you answered correctly in each section.

Most of the SHSAT score calculators often take into account other factors, such as the difficulty of the test or the number of questions you skipped to predict your score.

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Are calculators allowed during SHSAT?

No, electronic calculators and other calculation aids are not allowed to be used during the test. The SHSAT is designed to test the student’s ability to think on their feet without external aids from persons or even electronic calculators.

SHSAT score calculatorStudents are prohibited from bringing any calculators or other electronic devices with them to the testing center.

Any student found to have a calculator or any other unauthorized device in their possession during the test will be disqualified.

In a nutshell, adequate preparation is paramount to you passing the SHSAT with excellent scores. Take advantage of the resources readily available to you and practice tests until you’re ready to take the exams.

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