What Is A Good SHSAT Score?

For anyone who is looking forward to sitting for the SHSAT exams in the coming years here is an answer to the question; what is a good SHSAT score?

First and foremost before I bring you in on what a good SHSAT score is in terms of the marks, let us look at it from this angle.

A good SHSAT score is a mark that assures a candidate of gaining admission into any of the 8 specialized high schools that have the exams as part of their entry requirements.

Over the years, the SHSAT cutoff scores have been a hard factor that sends a number of aspiring specialized school candidates away.

Take for instance the SHSAT cutoff for 2021 and the SHSAT cutoff scores for 2022. You’ll realize that as much as every school has its individual cutoffs, there’s a standard and no school is willing to lower theirs.

In terms of figures, what is a Good SHSAT Score?

A good SHSAT score in terms of figures is 500 out of 800. Yes, the exams are scored out of 800 so scoring 500 points should definitely get you a slot no matter which year you’re applying in.

To answer the question; what is a good SHSAT score? I will set the standards on the least SHSAT cutoff score ever accepted into the specialized high schools and then base my analysis on the lowest cutoff score for 2022.

In the year 2022, Brooklyn Latin accepted the lowest cutoff score. Under the year, the score admitted applicants who had 497 in the SHSAT exams.

This only means that students who aspire to make it in the future must meet the SHSAT cutoff for 2023 as published by the examinations board of the 8 schools.

The only hindrance may be that you may not enter your preferred school and that may also affect your academic work.

There you have an answer to the question; what is a good SHSAT score? Use this as a guide and prepare well for the next stage of your academic life. You can find details of the tests here.

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