The Brooklyn Tech Cutoff Score For 2023

In an earlier article, I touched on the Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2022. Here, I will be telling you about the Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2023.

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Before we get into figures, let’s dig a little about Brooklyn Tech and why it’s an elite high school you must consider enrolling in.

The Department of Education, New York realized there was a need to provide special assistance to the growing number of gifted students in the district so they established Specialized high schools to cater to the academic and artistic needs of these gifted students residing in the City.

Among the original three designated Specialized high schools in NYC are the Brooklyn Technical high school, Stuyvesant high school, and the Bronx high school of science. The number grew to nine specialized high schools for gifted eighth and ninth graders in New York.

Brooklyn Tech Cutoff Score For 2023

The Department of Education, New York passed a mandate that required all prospective applicants to any of the specialized high schools to pass an entrance exam called the Specialized high school admission test (SHSAT).

Only LaGuardia high school for Music & Art and performing out of the nine specialized high schools were required to admit students by audition and portfolio building.

In order to get into any of Brooklyn Tech or any of the eight specialized high schools, an applicant is required to beat the cutoff scores set by these schools.

You should see the Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2022 before we move on to the Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2023.

What is the Brooklyn Tech Cutoff Score For 2023?

Brooklyn Tech Cutoff for 2023 is estimated at around 510 marks. This is because even though the scores for 2023 are yet to be released, a look at scores from 2022 could make you prepare ahead.

The cutoff scores in the SHSAT are the least scores an applicant must obtain out of 800 in the exams to be placed in their preferred specialized high school of choice.

As of the time I’m writing this article, the official cutoff scores for 2023 applicants are yet to be released. The scores are usually posted in April when the test results are out.

Brooklyn Tech Cutoff Score For 2023

But a look at the Brooklyn Technical high school cutoff for 2020, 2021, and 2022 could predict it will be either a little over 500/800 or a little less than 500/800 for 2023.

I will do well to update you once the Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2023 comes out.

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