The 9th Grade SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2022

The 9th grade SHSAT cutoff scores for 2022 are made available to the general public as a clear path on which many future 9th graders will move on.

Open to eighth and ninth graders in New York City, about 29,000 students take the SHSAT every year. Though the majority of the number are eighth graders, there are ninth graders taking the test as well.

There are nine designated specialized high schools in New York City. Out of these, eight are mandated by the Department of Education in New York City to admit new students based on their performance in the SHSAT.

The test is usually administered to eighth graders in late October and ninth graders in mid-November. The SHSAT is based on two sections, English Language Arts and Mathematics.

The test results are scored and released by March the following year and the students offered admission decide by mid-March where they will attend the school the next September. Please check how SHSAT scores are calculated for specialized Schools.

Each year, the Department of Education, New York uses a cutoff score declared by the eight schools in scoring and placement of the student applicants.

Since placements are solely based on the applicant’s performance in the test and the available seats declared by the preferred specialized high school, let us look at the 9th grade SHSAT cutoff scores for 2022.

What are the 9th Grade SHSAT cutoff scores for 2022?

Over the years, the Department of Education, in New York has failed to publish the numbers used by the specialized high schools for admission into their school. You can only speculate the numbers used by checking the placement offers of the school.

A study of the eighth and ninth-graders cutoff scores shows that the 9th-grade cutoff scores are usually 30 scores higher than that of the eighth graders’ score.

9th Grade SHSAT cutoff scores 2022

Below are the 9th grade SHSAT cutoff scores 2022.

    Specialiaze HS                   8th grade     9th grade

  • Bronx High                          524          565-575
  • Brooklyn Latin                    497           518-528
  • Brooklyn Tech                     506          528-538
  • HSMS at Lehman College 516          554-565
  • High at City College          519           549-559
  • Queens at York College    523           544-554
  • Staten Island Technical     527           555-567
  • Stuyvesant High School   563           590-600

From the above, you could study the pattern and notice the 9th graders’ cutoff scores are higher than the 8th graders. That’s all you need on the 9th Grade SHSAT cutoff scores for 2022.

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