General Northridge Academy High School Rating Now

The Northridge academy high school was opened as a partnership between LAUSD and California State University, Northridge. The main idea for the school was to relieve the overcrowding in the neighboring high schools.

The school contains three academies: Health & Human Development, Arts, Media & Communication, and Careers in Education.

The 9th-grade students are allowed to explore the various academies. While the students in grades 10 through 12 select one for focusing.

In our earlier post onĀ Northridge Academy high school ratings for 2022, I gave you the rating of the school for 2022. But what has been the school’s rating in general over time? Stick with me as I highlight the details.

Northridge Academy High School Rating

Northridge Academy High School currently has an enrollment of 970 with a student-teacher ratio of 24:1. Let’s look into the rankings of the school;

Northridge Academy High School Rating

According to the US News 2022 ranking report, Northridge Academy ranked 2,930th in the national rankings, 436th in California high schools, and 200th in L. A Metro area high school, and 39th in Los Angeles School District high schools.

The ratings of a school are subject to a lot of factors which also includes the school’s rankings. To help me determine the general Northridge academy high school rating, I will delve into the school’s rankings over the years. Let’s get to it;

In reviews, rated Northridge academy high school 3.7/5 and the schools’ data experts gave a grade of B+ to the school while also rated the school 3.8/5, 3/5, and gave the school a rating of 7/10.

Niche, a top high school rating website in the United States ranked Northridge academy high school 744th of the 1,904 best public high schools in California and 788th of 1,403 best college preparatory public high schools in California.

This among other things gave the Northridge academy high school a grade of B+ according to Niche’s 2022 school report.

That’s all on the general Northridge academy high school ratings. Hop onto our website for Information about Northridge academy high school.

Northridge Academy High School rated;

  • 2,930th in the national rankings
  • 436th in California high schools
  • 200th in L. A Metro area high school
  • 39th in Los Angeles School District high schools

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