The Brooklyn Tech Cutoff Score For 2022

Brooklyn Tech is a prestigious public high school in NYC that specializes in STEM education. Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2022 is needed just like the rest 8 specialized high schools in New York as it only admits students based on their scores in the Specialized high school admission test (SHSAT).

Brooklyn Technical high school is one of the original three Specialized high schools under the Department of Education, NYC started to provide support to gifted students in New York. So what is the Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2022?

Before I get further into the details of the cutoff scores of Brooklyn Tech, let me give you a little more overview of the school.

Brooklyn Tech Cutoff Score For 2022

The school is currently ranked 6th in New York high schools and 46th in the national rankings according to the usnews 2022 ranking report. The school currently has its total enrollment pegged at 5,943 and a student-teacher ratio of 24:1.

The school’s enrollment is made up of 40% females and 60% males and a minority enrollment of 76.2%. Without much ado, let’s get into the Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2022.

What is the Brooklyn Tech Cutoff Score for 2022?

Brooklyn Tech has its SHSAT cutoff scores for 2022 at 506/800 (lowest admitted score) and 635/800 (highest admitted score).

The Department of Education, NYC mandates that eight out of the nine specialized high schools admit new students through a specialized entrance exam called the SHSAT.

Brooklyn Tech is one of the eight specialized high schools admitting new students based on their performance in the SHSAT.

About 30,000 applicants sit for the SHSAT exams in New York each year and Brooklyn Tech admits about 1,900 plus of applicants. But the applicant must be the cutoff score for the school in order to make the cut.

Brooklyn Tech admits the highest number of applicants of the eight specialized schools due to its size. The school also receives the highest listing as the first choice of school on the 30,000 plus applications received each year by the SHSAT.

It is important to note that, admissions to Brooklyn Tech or any of the eight specialized high schools are open to only eighth and ninth graders residents in New York.

This is all about the Brooklyn Tech cutoff score for 2022 which you need to know in order to make your high school decisions.

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