Do High Schools Have Dorms? 5 Reasons Why They Should

In this article let me help you with answers to the question; do high schools have dorms? This answer has become necessary because every high school student who won’t stay at home, needs a form of accommodation.

Most high schools in the United States of America have provided their students with accommodation on campus or around the school premises as a form of partnership with private developers.

Take Stuyvesant High School, for instance, the school has been in existence for years and has over the years provided its students with some of the best accommodations in the form of dorms.

Does this mean all high schools have dorms? That cannot necessarily be the case since some schools are only for day/non-residency purpose and hence admits only resident students of the city or state they are in.

Do High Schools have dorms?

The truth is, high schools have dorms. But not all high schools have dorms. While some of these dorms are provided by the school, others are provided by the government, and others by private sponsors.

High school dorms are places of interest because most of the time, the facilities in them enable students to have the best out of school life.

Some of the facilities in the high school dorms include; a pool, gym, spa, dance halls, learning centers as well as rooms that provide so much comfort.

So to answer the question; do high schools have dorms? The simple answer is yes, high schools have dorms.

Why do High Schools have dorms?

Why should a high school have dorms? There are a number of reasons why high schools have dorms and that is what I will talk about in this section.

Here are 5 reasons why high schools have dorms. Check them out and see if any of them is a reason for you too.

  • to enable non-residents to have a place to stay
  • to enable the schools to keep checks on students
  • to assist parents who do not have time at home due to work
  • to train students on how to stay without their parents
  • to get students closer to the school

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