List of Northridge Academy High School Teachers

In this article, you will find a list of Northridge academy high school teachers. Before we the into the list of teachers, let’s have a brief overview of the school in terms of history, rankings, and student diversity among other things.

Northridge Academy High School opened on September 9, 2004, with 600 ninth and tenth-grade students. The school is a partnership of the Los Angeles Unified School District (Local District 1) and California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

Northridge Academy High School isĀ ranked 436th in California. The school currently has an enrollment of 970 with a minority enrollment of 86.7% spread across various races and ethnic groups.

Out of the 970 enrollments, 48% are females and 52% are males. Now, let’s get to the list of Northridge Academy high school teachers;

List of Northridge Academy High School teachers

With an enrollment of 970, the student-to-teacher ratio is 24:1. Which is not bad for a school with that enrollment.

The faculty is made up of highly qualified professionals who are doing an incredible job of training the students in various fields of study.

Below is a list of all Northridge academy high school teachers;

  • Alas, April
  • Arias, David
  • Avila, Bryan
  • Bautista, Veronica
  • Bernard, Anthony
  • Black, Jason (Coordinator)
  • Campoy Ludwig, Maria
  • Castellanos, Berenice
  • Castellanos, Brenda
  • Chan, Calvin

Northridge Academy High School Teachers

  • Climaco-Garcia, Xiomara
  • Duran, Aimee Figueroa
  • Flores, Sandra
  • Fried Kokason, Naomi
  • Gill, Maninder Glynn, Julie Anna
  • Gonzalez, John-David
  • Goodman, Christina
  • Grey, Nancy
  • Gross, Michael
  • Guirao, Eimi

Northridge Academy High School Teachers

  • Ha, Jaevin
  • Johnson, Eric
  • Kent, Steven (Library)
  • Garrison, Rebecca
  • Leos, Raquel
  • Longman, Alison
  • Lopez, Tania
  • Lubnow, David
  • Macias, Illean
  • Mangione, Nathan

Northridge Academy High School Teachers

  • Martinez, Alonso
  • Matheny, Russell
  • Mbata, Cletus
  • Nelson, Laurie
  • O’Rourke, Ian
  • Panasyan, Naira
  • Pollard, Nicole
  • Posser de Andrade, Alex (Athletics)
  • Sandoval, Maricela (Coordinator)
  • Schink, Elena

Northridge Academy High School Teachers

  • Simpson, Mary
  • Stewart, Ricardo
  • Van Zyl, Rosalie
  • Velasquez, Salvador
  • Winter, Erin

Limited Contract Teachers

  • Shufelt, Rene (New Teacher)
  • Austin, Steve (Bilingual)

Counseling and Health Services

  • Antoun, Dena
  • Avila, Angelica
  • Choi, John
  • Estrada, Jessica
  • Fuad, Anthony
  • Giron, Vanessa
  • Martinez, Ana
  • Ortega, Francisca
  • Oguejiofor, Miriam (DOTS)
  • Tan, Nathalie (Nurse)

In all, there are 45 full-time teachers and 2 limited construct teachers with 10 counseling and health services.

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