What Score Do You Need To Get Into Stuyvesant in 2023?

New York City has nine Specialized High Schools. Stuyvesant High School is one of the best of them. So what score do you need to get into Stuyvesant in 2023?

I will be covering that in this article. The New York Department of Education runs these specialized schools and getting into these schools is very competitive.

These nine specialized high schools were started and run by the New York Department of Education to provide academic and artistic support to gifted students.

But in order to make it into one of these nine schools, you will need to pass an entrance exam called Specialized High Schools Admission Test (SHSAT)

This test examination is required for admission into all the specialized schools except LaGuardia, a high school of music & arts and performing arts.

The SHSAT examination is opened to 8th graders in October and 9th graders in November every year. And for every year, each of the schools has its own SHSAT cutoff score for prospective applicants. The SHSAT is taken by an average of 30,000 8th and 9th graders each year.

What Score Do You Need To Get Into Stuyvesant?

Stuyvesant High School is notable for having higher SHSAT cutoff scores. In fact, it is quite difficult to gain admission into this school. Their unbending demand for excellence ensuresĀ they are always ranked among the top schools in New York.

In subsequent years, an aspiring applicant in Stuyvesant High School must gain a score of 564+ to beat the cutoff scores to get into Stuyvesant High School.

You must obtain a score above 564 in 2023 to get into Stuyvesant High School. Yes, an applicant aiming to get into Stuyvesant must score above 564 out of 800 in the SHSAT to beat the cutoff score.

Below is the cutoff score for 8th graders trying to get into any of the New York Specialized High schools from 2020 to 2022. It is always good to check the previous cutoff scores of the schools.

What Score Do You Need To Get Into Stuyvesant in 2023?
SHSAT Cutoffs for specialized schools

Here’s what you should do to get into Stuyvesant High School; take a SHSAT practice test regularly to get prepared for the ultimate exams.

In these SHSAT practice tests, you should be scoring above 563 to give you better chances of acing the actual SHSAT examination.

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