Stuyvesant High School Gym Uniform

Stuyvesant is not only making history in academia but also in sports. An integral part of Stuyvesant’s recent success in the PSAL is the highly equipped Stuyvesant High School gym.

You know there are regulations in every well-structured institution, some of these regulations include what to wear during sports and gym sessions. Stuyvesant is not an exception to these kinds of regulations.

So, in this post, I will tell you about Stuyvesant high school gym uniform. All you need to know about your dress code for a Stuyvesant high school gym.

Before I get into the details of Stuyvesant gym uniforms. Let’s have a quick overview of sports in Stuyvesant. Sports in Stuyvesant is a major extracurricular activity.

The school fields 32 varsity teams, including swimming, golf, bowling, volleyball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, fencing, baseball/softball, American handball, tennis, track/cross country, cricket, football, and lacrosse teams.

In addition, Stuyvesant has ultimate teams for the boys’ varsity, boys’ junior varsity, and girls’ varsity divisions. Unlike most American high schools, most sports teams at Stuyvesant are individually known by different names.

Only the football, cheerleading, girls’ table tennis, baseball, girls’ handball, and boys’ lacrosse teams retain the traditional Pegleg monikers.

Stuyvesant High School Gym Uniform

Now, how important is a gymnasium (gym) to sports in Stuyvesant? In Stuyvesant, all students are required to take Physical Education throughout the school year.

All Physical Education classes are co-educational and therefore happen in the school’s gym. These physical education classes are not only meant to keep the students healthy and strong but to inspire students to take up major sports by joining one of the 32 varsity teams

In Stuyvesant, it’s only during physical education classes that¬†students are mandated to be in uniform.¬† But what type of uniform is to be worn? Let’s find that out next.

How is the Stuyvesant High School gym uniform?

Stuyvesant students are allowed to wear any dress to school provided it is in line with the requirements of the state. In fact, the only time the school insists on uniforms is during physical education classes.

Below is the approved attire for gym sessions; i.e Stuyvesant High School uniform (Physical Education lesson). Students during gym sessions wear;

  • Tee Shirt or Under Armour Tee shirt
  • Shorts
  • Sweat pants

Stuyvesant students are expected to appear in the gym wearing the prescribed uniform by the school. That’s all on Stuyvesant High School Gym uniform.

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