Stuyvesant High School Football; Team Name And Head Coach

There are two Stuyvesant High School football teams that participate in sporting activities on behalf of the school. The two are; the Varsity football team and the Junior Varsity football team.

The football calendar usually begins from 1st September to 1st November but I know you’re wondering why there are two football teams in one school. In this article, I will be telling you all about Stuyvesant High School Football.

The Junior Varsity football team is for players who are not mainly playing in any competition.

What Is Stuyvesant High School Ranking?

The Varsity football team, however, is the main or first team for a particular sport at a high school.

On the 9th of September, 2022, the Stuyvesant varsity football team won their away non-conference game against Petrides (Staten Island, NY) by a score of 36-0.

The team is currently ranked 475th in New York, 24th in New York Division PSAL A, 35th in Section 12 PSAL, and 503rd in New York.

What is the name of the Stuyvesant High School football team?

The Stuyvesant High School football team is known as the Peglegs. Peglegs won! In their last game of the season.

The Peglegs also got their first shutout defeating Flushing High School 23-0 to finish the year 5-3 (1-0 non-league).

Who is Stuyvesant High School’s football team coach?

The school has had a number of coaches over. The few notable names on the coaching list are Dave Velkas, Alfred Burnett, Brian Sacks, and Mike Strasser.

The Stuyvesant High School football team’s current coach is Mark Strasser. He has led them to a number of victories this season.

He has been doing a really great job in keeping the boys in shape and ready to compete at the highest levels.

Also in charge of the Junior Varsity team of this specialized school popular as Sty is coach Goffman. Another great coach doing exemplary work with the Juniors day in and day out.

Aside from football, the school also offers a number of varied sporting discipline activities over the three seasons (Fall Sports, Winter Sports, and Springs Sports).

With the winter season already in, the school’s teams will be engaging in a number of competitions from the 1st of November to the 1st of march.

Some of the games include; Boys and Girls indoor track, Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball, and Junior Varsity Basketball, among other games.

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