Stuyvesant High School Fees And Tuition Payment

Let’s talk about Stuyvesant High School fees and payments. One factor you must consider when selecting a high school in New York is the cost of tuition that is charged.

The cost of tuition varies across various high schools in the city. So here, I will be telling you about Stuyvesant High School fees and tuition payments.

Stuyvesant, popularly known as ”Stuy” among its students is a public preparatory college specialized high school.

Established initially as an all-boys institution in the Eastern Village of Manhattan in 1904. They later started to accept female students in 1969.

What Does Stuyvesant High School Specialize In?

Admission into Stuyvesant High School is outrightly based on a three-hour Specialized High Schools Admissions Test, which is administered annually.

The test score necessary for admission to Stuyvesant has consistently been higher than that needed for admission to the other schools using the test.

Currently, the admission of individual students is based on the score in the examination and pre-submitted ranking of Stuyvesant among the other specialized schools. This examination is the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT).

How much do Stuyvesant High School fees cost?

Stuyvesant High School is operated by the New York City Department of Education. The school is one of nine selective high schools in New York that offer tuition-free accelerated academics to city residents.

This means that Stuyvesant High School charges no fees for tuition. These high schools are known as the Specialized High Schools run by New York city’s Department of Education.

Stuyvesant High School Fees and Payment.

These specialized high schools are designed for students who excel academically and artistically, offering tuition-free, high-quality education rivaling that of private high schools, which charge an average tuition of approximately $30,000 a year, according to the National Association of Independent Schools.

Stuyvesant being one of the nine specialized high schools in New York means selected students who have passed the entrance exams will enjoy a tuition-free high school education. No cost of tuition or fees goes to the students.

It is important to note that Ninth and rising tenth–grade students are also eligible to take the test for enrollment, but far fewer students are admitted that way.

The test covers math (word problems and computation) and verbal (reading comprehension) skills.

Over the years, some community activist groups have argued that the exams may be biased toward some minorities (Blacks and Hispanics) but attempts to eliminate the test have proven futile. As others claim the elimination does not favor Asian Americans.

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