Stuyvesant High School Football Roster

Let’s put our focus on the Stuyvesant High School football roster in this article. We should know that the Pegleg family of Stuyvesant high school is not ordinary when it comes to competition.

The School may not have that sports culture but the teams have been constantly making efforts to match up with other schools doing exploits in the games of sports.

The Head Coach of the Stuyvesant High School football team is Mark Strasser. Below is their performance from the season 2022/2023;

League: PSAL A
Division: Division PSAL A

Overall Record: 5-3
League Record: 4-3

Section Rank: 35
State Division Rank: 24
DMA Rank: 503
State Rank: 475

Stuyvesant High School Football Roster
Picture: Stuyvesant High School football team in a game

What is a football roster?

A football roster is a list of players on a team, with other details like their assigned jersey numbers. The list contains the names of both active players on the team and inactive players as well as the coaches and their entire technical team.

For every football team, having a complete roster helps the teams manage their resources and offers an opportunity for experts to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the team.

The list also contains other pertinent information like weight, height, any statistical information on the players, etc. This information helps the coaching team plan for each game throughout the season.

What is Stuyvesant High School football roster?

The Stuyvesant High School football roster has 61 athletes and 1 coach. Here is the resource you need for the Stuyvesant High School football roster for 2022/2023; Stuyvesant High School Football Roster.

On 9/17, the Stuyvesant varsity football team won their away non-conference game against Petrides (Staten Island, NY) by a score of 36-0. They have enjoyed some winning streaks over the season but lost some well. Their last defeat was in Bayside, New York.

The Stuyvesant varsity football team lost their away conference game against Cardozo (Bayside, NY) by a score of 38-22.

We wish the Stuyvesant high school football team all the best in the Public School Athletics League.

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