Best of Stuyvesant High school Volleyball; How Is It?

How is the Stuyvesant High school volleyball team doing out there? Let me walk you through the details. Stuyvesant is doing so well in bringing up volleyball stars in New York.

Being one of the Specialized High Schools in New York, they help develop the full potential of gifted students academically and artistically while offering tuition-free accelerated academics to New York residents.

Stuyvesant was first started as an all-boys school until 1969 when it began accepting female students when the board was sued by 13-year-old Alice De Rivera on the charges of discrimination based on gender.

Since 1934, passing an entrance exam became mandatory for all applicants aspiring to make it into the esteemed institution. The Special High School Admission Test is open to 8th and 9th graders in October and November.

It is quite difficult to get into Stuyvesant because of the high SHSAT cutoff scores. Last year, the SHSAT cutoff score for Stuyvesant was 563 out of 800. This is the highest among the 8 Specialized schools in New York.

Aside from academics, Stuyvesant has long become the pride of New York when it comes to sports in the United States high school ranking. The school ranked in the top 5 High Schools in the United States.

Even though, the focus is on academics in Stuyvesant. Sports has for some time now been gaining ground in the school. Take the Stuyvesant High School basketball team for instance.

Stuyvesant has about 42 teams in the PSAL but the focus of this article is the Volleyball team. So, how is the Stuyvesant High School Volleyball team? Let’s get into it.

What is the ranking of Stuyvesant High school volleyball?

The Girl’s varsity volleyball team is called Vixens! The vixens were the 2018 champions and this year finished the season 10 – 0 in the quarterfinals!

The varsity boys’ volleyball team is called the ‘beasts’. The ‘beasts were victorious against West 50th St. Campus last April. They won by straight sets in that game against West 50th St. Campus.

The girl’s team has been doing so well in PSAL.

How Is Stuyvesant High school Volleyball?
Stuyvesant boys volleyball team in action

Congratulations to the Stuyvesant Boys Varsity Volleyball team. Go beasts! Stuyvesant High school Volleyball team is doing pretty well.

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