Best of Stuyvesant High School Basketball; How Is It?

Let’s get into Stuyvesant High School basketball sports real quick. Stuyvesant high school is an elite school in New York and sports is one of their co-curricular activities.

The purpose of these specialized high schools is to provide a conducive environment for gifted students in the city to thrive. The schools are only open to residents of New York and by offering tuition-free accelerated academics.

The school is among the elite high school feeders to the Ivy League colleges and Universities. 3 out of every 5 Stuyvesant students make it into one of the elites Ivy League universities.

As a specialized high school, Stuyvesant offers a wide range of Advanced Placement (AP) courses but also engages its students in sporting activities such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, football, and golf.

The school only accepts students who have taken the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) and obtained a score above 560.

When it comes to sports, Stuyvesant fields 32 varsity teams, including swimming, golf, bowling, volleyball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, fencing, baseball/softball, American handball, tennis, track/cross country, cricket, football, and lacrosse teams.

In addition, Stuyvesant has ultimate teams for the boys’ varsity, boys’ junior varsity, and girls’ varsity divisions but the focus here is their basketball team.

The school lacks a vibrant culture of sports due to its academic focus, but they are not doing badly in the Public High School Athletics League (PHSAL).

What is the rating of Stuyvesant High School basketball team?

Stuyvesant High School basketball team is one of the best in the City of New York. The school has two varsity basketball teams. The varsity basketball of Stuyvesant boys and girls has seen some glories in the PSAL this year.

The girl’s varsity basketball team is known as the Pheonix, while the boy’s varsity basketball and Junior varsity team are known as the Peglegs.

The Stuyvesant varsity basketball team won their last home and away conference game against Norman Thomas (New York, NY) by a score of 61-56 and 57-33.

How Is Stuyvesant High School Basketball?

How Is Stuyvesant High School basketball?

All students are welcome to try out for the basketball teams but must pass the PSAL eligibility requirements to try out.

Follow the link below to see the full PSAL eligibility requirements to try out for any of the basketball teams. PSAL Eligibility requirements

How Is Stuyvesant High School Basketball?

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