How Much Does Stuyvesant High School Cost?

Being one of the specialized schools in the United States of America that admits students based solely on merit, it costs so much less to attend Stuyvesant High School.

The average high school student in all parts of the world including the United States spends money on a few things while in school including; tuition, books, food, transportation, and sometimes accommodation.

Stuyvesant High School is located in the heart of New York City for that matter, it is a day school that requires no in-house accommodation status.

Also, books are available in the school’s library as well as online platforms made available to students hence the cost of acquiring books is also scraped off.

The most important of all fees in school is the tuition fee. So how much does Stuyvesant High School cost? Thus in tuition and administrative fees. I have elaborated on that down here.

Is Stuyvesant High School free?

Yes, Stuyvesant High School is free when it comes to the tuition fee. However, expenses such as transportation and feeding may be borne by the students.

Even though the school’s cafeteria provides food during breaks, some students may come along to school with their own food packs at extra costs borne by them.

The structure of fees paid by both the school and the New York Chancellor’s office can be found on the resource of expenditure available on the school’s website. Use the link here.

It costs nothing to school here. All an aspiring student needs are to have better grades and meet the cutoff marks from the specialized schools’ entrance tests.

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