Best Stuyvesant High School Uniform; Design And Colour

In this article, I will bring to you details of the Stuyvesant high school uniform; design, and color. Stuyvesant started out in the early 19s as an all-boys school. But later admitted female students after the school was sued.

The official colors of the Stuyvesant High School uniform, both design and color are red, blue, and white.

The school is part of the nine Specialized High Schools run by the New York Department of Education. These schools are open to 8th and 9th graders residents of New York City.

The intention of these Specialized Schools is to nurture the gifted students in the city to reach their full potential both academically and artistically.

However, aspiring applicants will need to pass an entrance exam dubbed the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT).

This is the only way they can get into Stuyvesant or any of the Specialized High Schools except LaGuardia. LaGuardia is a Specialized High School for Music & Arts and Performing Arts therefore doesn’t require SHSAT.

Stuyvesant may not have a vibrant sports culture due to their intensive academic work but they certainly have a vibrant football team doing their utmost best in the PSAL.

What is the Stuyvesant High School uniform color?

Stuyvesant High School does not have a specific school uniform but requires all students to comply with the following dress code;

Students must at all times wear appropriate attire to school. Guidelines for proper dress include the following:
• Sayings and illustrations on clothing should be in good taste.
• Shoulders, undergarments, midriffs, and lower backs should not be exposed.
• The length of shorts, dresses, and skirts should extend below the fingertips with the arms straight at your side.

Stuyvesant High School Uniform; Design And Colour

What is Stuyvesant High School uniform design?

While the school may not have a specific uniform design for students, it however demands mandatory Physical Education uniforms for all physical education classes.

During Physical Education classes, all students must appear in a Tee Shirt or Under Armour Tee Shirt with Shorts or Sweat Pants.

Except during physical education classes, students are allowed to wear anything provided it meets the school’s dress code requirement.

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