All Time Stuyvesant Acceptance Rate And Cutoff Score

Stuyvesant acceptance rate

One troubling topic on the minds of applicants hoping to get into Stuyvesant High School is the Stuyvesant acceptance rate. Stuyvesant is one of the nine specialized high schools administrated by the Department of Education, New York. The school is part of the nine high schools operated by the DOE, NY to support gifted students … Read more

General SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2023

SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2023

Here’s all you must know on the general SHSAT cutoff scores for 2023. The specialized high school admission test (SHSAT) is used by 8 designated special high schools in New York to admit new students. The Department of Education, New York has nine specialized high schools it runs in order to offer conducive educational support … Read more

How SHSAT Scores Are Calculated For Specialized Schools

How SHSAT Scores are Calculated

How SHSAT scores are calculated for Specialized schools in the United States of America and the city of New York is very simple.  Let’s first have a look at an overview of the SHSAT before we get into how the scores are calculated. The Specialized high school admission test (SHSAT) Specialized high schools admissions test (SHSAT) is … Read more

What SHSAT Score Is Required For Stuyvesant?

What SHSAT Score Is Required For Stuyvesant

So there’s this question; what SHSAT score is required for Stuyvesant? Well, the truth is since Stuyvesant is a specialized school, it must admit students based on the SHSAT exam scores. We agree here that there are nine Specialized High Schools in New York City, eight of which require students applying for admission to take … Read more

The SHSAT Score Calculator For 2022

SHSAT Score Calculator For 2022

The SHSAT score calculator for 2022 is what we will I want to draw your attention to here in this article. In the City of New York are a number of best public high schools. Out of these high schools, 9 have been designated as specialized high schools with the unique purpose of assisting gifted students … Read more

Stuyvesant High School Graduation 2022; Details

stuyvesant high school graduation 2022

Here are the details of Stuyvesant High School graduation 2022. In my previous article, I spoke generally about Stuyvesant High School graduations and so in this article I will give some further details on the Stuyvesant High school graduation 2022 only. Graduation is the biggest event in the life of every student. It is the … Read more