What SHSAT Score Is Required For Stuyvesant?

So there’s this question; what SHSAT score is required for Stuyvesant? Well, the truth is since Stuyvesant is a specialized school, it must admit students based on the SHSAT exam scores.

We agree here that there are nine Specialized High Schools in New York City, eight of which require students applying for admission to take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT).

Stuyvesant high school is one of the eight schools that require SHSAT. All eight schools need a specific SHSAT to admit new students. So, what SHSAT score is required for Stuyvesant?

Each year, about 29,000 candidates sit for the SHSAT across New York. Out of this lot, only 850 are admitted into Stuyvesant high school. That is just three percent of the entire 29,000 students that took the SHSAT.

This shows how highly competitive admission into Stuyvesant can be for new applicants. An applicant must be exceptional in the SHSAT to stand a higher chance of making it into Stuyvesant high school.

What SHSAT Score Is Required For Stuyvesant?

To get into Stuyvesant you need a SHSAT score of above 560 points out of 800. With such a score, you’re sure of meeting the minimum cutoff score of the school.

Stuyvesant is a highly selective Specialized high school among the eight Specialized high schools in New York that requires the SHSAT. The school has consistently posted the highest SHSAT cutoff scores among the eight Specialized high schools.

What SHSAT score is required for Stuyvesant is never the same for applicants each year. The score needed for Stuyvesant changes each year but the only consistency with it is that it has always been the highest among the eight specialized high schools.

Below are the SHSAT scores for Stuyvesant High School in the last three years;

      Year         Score

  • 2020       566
  • 2021       560
  • 2022       563

After the SHSAT entrance exams, the results of the SHSAT are ordered from the highest score to the lowest score.

The student with the highest score will be placed in the school/program of his/her first choice. Going down the list from the highest score, each student will be placed in his/her highest prioritized school in which seats are still available.

Therefore, if all the seats in the student’s first choice are filled, he/she will be placed in his/her second choice if seats are still available.

If all the seats in his/her second choice are filled, the student will be offered a seat in his/her third choice if there are still seats available, and so on until all the seats in the eight schools have been filled.

Considering the 850 available for Stuyvesant each, an applicant should aim at scoring above 700 out of 800 to have a greater chance of being placed in Stuyvesant high school.

That’s all on what the SHSAT score is required for Stuyvesant. I hope this article will be helpful in preparing you for the task ahead and your quest to become a student of the Stuy community.

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