Brooklyn Tech Admissions Requirements And Details

Brooklyn Tech admissions are done just like the admissions of all other specialized schools. This means that Brooklyn Tech admissions requirements are almost the same as others.

As required by all eight schools out of the nine Specialized schools in New York City, admissions are generally based on the candidate’s performance in the Specialized High School Admission Test ( SHSAT).

In this post, you will find all the details on the Brooklyn Tech admission requirements. The details include all you need to know about the SHSAT and what you must do as a prospective applicant.

Brooklyn Tech is one of the eight designated specialized high schools in New York that is mandated by the City’s Department of Education to admit new students using SHSAT entrance exams.

The SHSAT is an entrance exam required of any prospective eighth or ninth-grader looking to get into any of the specialized high schools. The exams are often taken in October, November, and sometimes in December.

As required by all the specialized high schools admitting new students using SHSAT, a number of seats are declared for admission, and a cutoff of the score is to ensure the available seats are fairly distributed to deserving applicants.

Brooklyn Tech Admissions

Let’s look at Brooklyn Tech admissions requirements;

What are Brooklyn Tech admissions requirements?

Before sitting for the SHSAT entrance exams, all applicants are required to fill out a high school application form.

Getting into Brooklyn Tech means an applicant must select Brooklyn Tech as the top choice of their list of preferred specialized high schools to be considered for the school’s available seats for admission at the time of the SHSAT.

The number one requirement of any applicant looking to get into Brooklyn Tech is to pass the SHSAT entrance exams. The tests are scored by an independent company.

Passing the SHSAT is not enough as the applicant must also beat the cutoff scores of his or her preferred specialized high school. This is because the results of the SHSAT are ordered from the highest score to the lowest score.

The student with the highest score will be placed in the school/program of his/her first choice. So scoring above the cutoff scores ensures you have a higher chance of being placed in the available seat above the other candidates.

The cutoff scores of Brooklyn Tech have over the years been between 507 to 495. A prospective applicant must aim to score above these cutoff scores to have a greater chance of getting into Brooklyn Tech.

Brooklyn Tech has the highest number of available seats for admission (1490 seats) due to the school’s large capacity. In fact, it is the largest high school in the United States.

So you are highly possible to receive an offer from Brooklyn Tech provided to meet the requirement I have indicated above.

That’s all on Brooklyn Tech admissions and I hope this article was helpful in your quest of getting into Brooklyn Tech.

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