General SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2023

SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2023

Here’s all you must know on the general SHSAT cutoff scores for 2023. The specialized high school admission test (SHSAT) is used by 8 designated special high schools in New York to admit new students.

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The Department of Education, New York has nine specialized high schools it runs in order to offer conducive educational support to gifted students in New York.

Eight out of these specialized high schools are mandated to admit new students based on their performance in standardized entrance exams dubbed the specialized high school admission test (SHSAT).

Bronx Science, Brooklyn Latin, Brooklyn Tech, Lehman College, HSMSE City College, Queens Science, Staten Island Tech, and Stuyvesant are the eight specialized high schools using the SHSAT.

Every year, about 29,000 eighth and ninth graders residing in New York take the SHSAT with the hopes of getting into one of the above-mentioned specialized high schools.

The SHSAT is usually administered to eighth graders in October and Ninth graders in December each year and here you will find the SHSAT cutoff scores for 2023.

After which, placements are offered to deserving applicants using the scores per the cutoff scores of the eight specialized high schools. You can check our earlier write-up on how SHSAT scores are calculated for these specialized schools.

Each of these eight schools has its own cutoff scores for admitting new students. The cutoff scores for these high schools vary each year.

Even though the Department of Education, New York does not officially release cutoff scores for the various specialized high schools.

The compilations of the SHSAT cutoff scores for 2020, SHSAT cutoff scores for 2021, and SHSAT cutoff scores for 2022 for these specialized high schools based have been based on the details gathered from applicants who took the SHSAT and got placed over the years.

What are the SHSAT Cutoff Scores for 2023?

For years now, Stuyvesant has had the highest cutoff scores among the eight specialized high schools using the SHSAT.

The general SHSAT cutoff scores for the schools in 2022 are;

           School                      SHSAT cutoff score

  • Stuyvesant                              563
  • Queens science @ York         523
  • Bronx science                         524
  • Staten Island Tech                 527
  • HSMSE @ City College         532
  • HSAS at Lehman                   516
  • Brooklyn Tech                        506
  • Brooklyn Latin                       497

Looking at the scores from last year and the previous years, one can easily speculate on the general cutoff scores of 2023.

The range of SHSAT cutoff scores for 2023 are;

  School                           SHSAT cutoff score 2023

  • Stuyvesant                          560 – 570
  • Queens science @ York     510 – 540
  • Bronx Science                     510 – 545
  • Staten Island Tech              520 – 540
  • HSMSE @ City College      510 – 545
  • HSAS at Lehman                 510 – 540
  • Brooklyn Tech                      480 – 520
  • Brooklyn Latin                     480 – 500

The SHSAT results and placement usually come in March and we will update this article once we compile the cutoff scores that will be coming in March.

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