What Are The General SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2020?

In the City of New York, there are nine designated Specialized High Schools. Admission into eight of these nine schools requires you to pass an entrance exam known as the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) which comes with SHSAT cutoff scores.

So if you’re an eighth or ninth grader in New York looking to get into one of these eight schools then read on as I take you through the general SHSAT cutoff scores for 2020.

I will be touching on the cutoff scores of the eight schools and a little on their acceptance rate which has to do with the percentage of students who make it into the schools.

Let’s get on it then, for every year there is a cutoff score for each school that is revised. Sometimes, it is revised upwards or reduced at other times.

What Are The General SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2020?

The general SHSAT cutoff scores are usually compiled by sampling the individual cutoff scores from each specialized high school.

Stuyvesant High School has been one of the hardest specialized high schools to get into in the United States because of its cutoff scores.

Why SHSAT Cutoff Scores?

This is due to the consistently large number of students taking the test each year for a chance to get into their preferred specialized high school.

The cutoff scores were introduced by the schools to fairly distribute their admission placements to deserving students.
The results of the SHSAT are ordered from the highest score to the lowest score.

The list is processed in order by score, with each student being placed in their most-preferred school that still has open seats, and continuing until there are no remaining open seats at any school.

What Are The General SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2020?

General SHSAT Cutoff Scores For 2020

Below are the general SHSAT cutoff scores of eight of the nine specialized high schools in New York. The cutoff scores are according to the 2020 SHSAT cutoff scores compiled and released by Admissionsquard.

Specialized High School                    Cutoff score

  • Brooklyn Latin                                498
  • Brooklyn Tech                                 507
  • HSAS at Lehman College                520
  • HSMSE at City College                    523
  • Staten Island Tech                            551
  • Bronx Science                                   532
  • Queens Science at York College       535
  • Stuyvesant High                                566

Above are the general SHSAT cutoff scores for 2020 arranged in the order from the least competitive to the most competitive.

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