7 Steps On How To Apply For Admission In USA Universities

If you’re looking for information on how to apply for admission in USA Universities then look no further as I have gathered all the helpful tips for you in this article.

The United is indeed the destination for top-notch education for all looking to further their studies abroad. In fact, the nation has consistently had the highest number of international students enrolled in various schools in the country.

Some of which are pursuing undergraduate programs and post-graduate programs across various universities. But the main task is how to apply to for admission in USA universities.

Check out my earlier post on masters in USA requirements for international students and detailed US undergraduate admission requirements as we proceed.

The country has quite a large number of top universities in the world in various states across the nation. The notable ones are the IVY League universities.

For international students looking to study in the US, getting the right information for the application and admission procedure can be a cumbersome task.

That is why I have thoroughly combed through the admission requirements and titbits on how yo apply for admission in USA universities and gathered it here in this article for your perusal.

Without further delays, let’s get onto how to apply for admission in USA Universities;

How To Apply For Admission In USA Universities

It is important to note that the admission requirement for the various universities in the US varies across the different states in the country.

Below is a general step on how to apply for admission in USA Universities;

Step 1: Get your transcript evaluated

A transcript is a record of your academic courses, grades, and projects from your previous educational level that qualifies you for studies. This also includes your certificates of completing secondary cycle education.

Get your transcript vetted by the universities affiliate evaluators or third-party evaluators to determine whether you are eligible for admission into the university you’re applying to.

Step 2: Prepare recommendation letters and Personal Statements/Essay

You will also need a letter of recommendation from your head tutor/principal, head of the department, tutors, or basically, anyone who is academically qualified to affirm your academic progress.

This person must know you well to be able to write a letter of recommendation on why you should be admitted to pursue your further studies.

Most US universities or colleges are interested in your likes, hobbies, aspirations, long goals typically your lifestyle. Prepare a personal statement/Essay to that effect.

Step 3: Get aware of the language requirements

You will also need to meet the language requirement of the universities in the United States and you can do this by taking any of the international English language proficiency tests.

The four most widely-accepted English proficiency tests: are the TOEFL, the IELTS, the CAE, and the CPE.

Step 4: Get informed on the standardized tests you’re going to take

There are also standardized tests for new applicants to various universities. Most of these universities want to know how ready you are for the course you’re applying for and they do so by administering a standardized test to new applicants.

You must do well to gather enough information on these standardized tests to ensure your readiness for the entrance exams.

Step 5: Send Application Forms

After ticking the above steps on your university application preparation list, make sure to submit your applications via the medium stipulated by the university you are applying to.

Most applications now are online rather than the snail mail submission back in the day.

Step 6: Take the Entrance Exam

Getting to this step successfully means you have completed the application process and have been shortlisted to take the entrance exams.

Prepare adequately and take the entrance with confidence believe in yourself because that is the only way you can succeed.

Step 7: Wait for the Acceptance Letter to Come

After taking the entrance exams, you can only at this point wait to be offered an acceptance to come and pursue your further education at the university.

If you successfully receive this letter, then you must do well to follow through with the reply of your acceptance of their admission offer to you.


The 7 steps on how to apply for admission in USA Universities are;

  1. Get your transcript evaluated
  2. Prepare recommendation letters
  3. Get aware of the language requirements
  4. Get informed on the standardized tests you’re going to take
  5. Send Application Forms
  6. Take the Entrance Exam
  7. Wait for the Acceptance Letter to Come

As I have stated earlier, the admission requirements may vary from university to university in the US so what I did is compile the general admission requirements of these American universities to assist you in your quest.

However, you must also check the official websites of your desired university to know their specific requirements for new applicants. This is all you need on how to apply for Admission in USA Universities.

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