List Of 9 Unique Festivals In Ghana And Their Food

Festivals in Ghana and Their Food

Ghanaians are identified by our unique culture and tradition and that will not be ending anytime soon since people are beginning to see the importance of festivals. If the importance is known, what then are the festivals in Ghana and their food?

For Ghanaians, the festivals celebrated might be distinct from one region to another but the essence of the celebrations as well as what they hope to achieve as almost identical hence the value placed on them.

Every tribe, ethnic group, traditional area, and region has a specialty when it comes to festivals in Ghana but most people have only been part of their native festivals and thereby limiting their scope.

In this article, I will share with you some of the unique festivals in Ghana and the food that normally comes with them during their annual celebrations. This is not the special festival food but rather the staple food the particular tribe consumes.

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The 16 Political Regions In Ghana And Their Capitals

16 Regions in Ghana and their Capitals

Ghana is currently held together by 16 political regions with each of these regions headed by a regional minister who is an appointee from the central government, precisely the president of the country. With the existence of these regions, each region has a number of political districts, municipal or metropolitan assembly which is headed by … Read more

Major Forts And Castles In Ghana And Where To Find Them

Forts in Ghana

The coming of the Europeans to Ghana and the subsequent colonization of the country saw the establishment of some forts and castles across the length and breadth of Ghana for some particular purposes only. According to the Collins Dictionary in defining a fort, it says a strong or fortified place occupied by troops and usually … Read more

Ethnic Groups In Ghana And The Languages They Speak

Ethnic Groups In Ghana and Their Languages 11

Ethnic groups in Ghana divide and separate the country into different languages speaking areas and cultural diversities that provide distinct identities to the people of Ghana both at home and abroad. While many people see the various ethnic groups as separate and different entities, others see them as a single unit trying to work in … Read more

Major Political Parties In Ghana And Their Founders

Major Political Parties in Ghana

The major political parties in Ghana play a very crucial role in the socio-economic development of the country as well as in maintaining the bilateral relationship Ghana has with other international counterparts out there.

As the country moves forward in its democratic establishment, many other political parties spring up adding to the number of the already existing once after every four years period.

As much as we recognize all these parties in the multi-party state system, we will like to focus our attention in this article on expanding our knowledge of the major political parties and their founders only.

There are three major political parties in Ghana as of 2022. They include; the New Patriotic Party (NPP), National Democratic Congress (NDC), and the Convention People’s Party (CPP).

These parties are those that always pool the highest votes among the lot during elections hence selecting them as the major in the country and giving you more insights on who established them.

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