List Of 9 Unique Festivals In Ghana And Their Food

Ghanaians are identified by our unique culture and tradition and that will not be ending anytime soon since people are beginning to see the importance of festivals. If the importance is known, what then are the festivals in Ghana and their food?

For Ghanaians, the festivals celebrated might be distinct from one region to another but the essence of the celebrations as well as what they hope to achieve as almost identical hence the value placed on them.

Every tribe, ethnic group, traditional area, and region has a specialty when it comes to festivals in Ghana but most people have only been part of their native festivals and thereby limiting their scope.

In this article, I will share with you some of the unique festivals in Ghana and the food that normally comes with them during their annual celebrations. This is not the special festival food but rather the staple food the particular tribe consumes.

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Unique Festivals In Ghana

In the first place, aside from your native festival, what other festivals do you know and which people celebrate them. Can you come up with at least 5?

Ok, let’s go into what I have for you in this article as you try to see if you already know about these festivals or not. festivals in Ghana include;

  1. Asofutufiam Festival celebrated by the Dangmes with kenkey
  2. Homowo Festival celebrated by the GAs with kenkey
  3. Hogbetsotso Festival by the Anlos with akple
  4. Aboakyir Festival by the Efutus of Winneba
  5. Fetu Afahye Festival by the people of Oguaa
  6. Damba Festival celebrated in the Dagomba lunar month of Damba
  7. Kundum Festival by the Nzema people
  8. Akwasidae Festival celebrated by the Ashanti people
  9. Bakatue Festival celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Elmina

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