Homeschooling; Disadvantages, Schooling Essay, Covid, Thailand

The home school we already know only means teaching people, especially children at home rather than in the traditional school.

So many thoughts come to mind when homeschooling is being talked about. Some of these are explained as follows in this article.

Home School Disadvantages

Homeschooling may sound good but still has some bad sides and these bad sides are what I refer to as disadvantages of homeschooling. Some of the disadvantages of home school are;

  • Less focus and concentration of learners during the learning process
  • Learning targets are mostly not achieved.
  • The pace of learning is always slow.
  • There are mostly financial problems.
  • Sometimes the appropriate curriculums are not used.
  • Children are mostly timid in public for a lack of socialization.
  • Children undergoing home school lack the chance to partake in extracurricular activities.

Home Schooling Essay

There are several essays on homeschooling with each of them coming with its unique topics. A few are written below to enable you to find a way to get your essays through;

  • homeschooling vs public schooling
  • advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling
  • importance of homeschooling
  • history of homeschooling
  • what is homeschooling?
  • benefits of homeschooling
  • the social effects of homeschooling
  • homeschooling in Africa
  • homeschooling and its impact on learners
  • the evolution of homeschooling
  • homeschooling children and public schooling children
  • misconceptions about homeschooling
  • homeschooling children’s social skills analysis

Home School Covid

The closure of schools worldwide due to the covid-19 pandemic has forcefully brought an increase in homeschooling and that has become a good thing if the advantages of the idea are weighed.

Though there was a global shutdown of schools, most schools in the developed countries continued their academic work due to their technological advancement, unlike the less developed countries.

Home School Thailand

Homeschooling was legalized in Thailand in 2004 though parents or families need to apply and submit forms of their children or wards who wish to start homeschooling to be assessed annually by authorized bodies.

Statistically, a growing number of families are choosing homeschooling in Thailand with Wolsey Hall Oxford. This is because most families, both local Thai and ex-pat, are looking for international curriculums for their wards that are being recognized by universities and job employers worldwide.

Wolsey Hall Oxford homeschooling is being patronized by many in Thailand due to its cost-effectiveness and its ability to support your child from Primary and Secondary age through to IGCSE and A levels.

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