Ethnic Groups In Ghana And The Languages They Speak

Ethnic groups in Ghana divide and separate the country into different languages speaking areas and cultural diversities that provide distinct identities to the people of Ghana both at home and abroad.

While many people see the various ethnic groups as separate and different entities, others see them as a single unit trying to work in harmony to put the country on par with its counterparts around the continent and the world.

According to a definition drawn from Wikipedia on the meaning of ethnic groups, it says an ethnic group or ethnicity is a grouping of people who identify with each other on the basis of shared attributes that distinguish them from other groups.

In this article, we take a deeper look at the ethnic groups in Ghana and where these groups can be located across the country as well as the language(s) spoken by these people that makes them unique from others.

Ethnic Groups In Ghana

In the 16 regions in Ghana, some ethnic groups are referred to as the major groups because their population is large and their natives are spread across the country. As well, the languages of these ethnic groups are spoken almost on a national scale.

While we focus largely on the language spoken by the ethnic groups in Ghana, we also see the need to look at the dress styles and the staple foods they eat on daily basis and on a large scale.

Below, we have a list of Ghanaian ethnic groups and the language(s) each of them speaks or is known for generally.

Ethnic Group                                 Language Spoken

  • Akan people                             Twi
  • Ewe people                               Ewe
  • Ga-Adangbe people                Ga-Adangbe
  • Ashanti people                         Twi
  • Guang people                           Guang
  • Fante people                             Fante
  • Dagomba people                      Dagomba
  • Konkomba people                    Konkomba
  • Gurma people                          Konkomba/Moba
  • Gurunsi people                        Gurunsi
  • Nzema people                          Nzema
  • Gonja people                            Gonja
  • Mamprusi people                     Gur
  • Dagaaba people                       Dagaare
  • Frafra people                            Frafra
  • Mole-Dagbani                          Dagbani

Above, you have a list of the ethnic groups that make up Ghana and the languages they speak. The list is the complete list of ethnic groups in Ghana because there are some little groups that come up daily.

Ethnic groups in Ghana include; the Ashantis, Ewes, Akans, Akuapems, Fantes, Gas, Ga-Adangbes, Nzema, Guang, Frafra, and Kusasis.

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