Where Is Stuyvesant High School Located?

Aside from being in NYC, where is Stuyvesant High School located exactly? ‘Stuy’ as affectionately called by its students and a host of people is a Specialized High School in America.

The Stuyvesant Specialized High School is 1 of the 9 specialized high schools in New York.

The school is a public college-preparatory school operated by the New York Department of Education. As one of the nine Specialized schools, Stuyvesant High School offers tuition-free accelerated academics to residents of New York City.

Stuyvesant High School like any other member of the nine Specialized Schools has become a symbol of excellence.

The faculty and staff’s dedication to nurturing their students has seen the school gain a ranking of 36th in the National Rankings. And a total of 99.8/100 in their overall scores.

The School was initially established in 1904 as an all-boys school but in the year 1969 began accepting female students.

Stuy has constantly been ranked among the top schools in the nation with an overall score of 99.8/100.

Where is Stuyvesant High School located?

Where Is Stuyvesant High School Located?

The specialized school started out in Eastern Manhattan but moved to its current location in the year 1992 due to the consistent hikes in the student population.

Stuyvesant High School can be found currently at Battery Park City. The address of Stuyvesant High School is 345 Chambers St, New York, NY 10282, USA.

In which county is Stuyvesant High School?

Stuyvesant High School is located in the New York County of USA. The United State of America as a federal republic has 50 states. According to the United State Census Bureau projections last year, the population will be 332,403,650 as of Jan. 1, 2022.

The United States prides itself as the destination for a top-notch education in the world.

In which State is Stuyvesant High School?

The Federal Republic of the United States has 50 states. Stuyvesant High School is located in New York State. The has a population of 20,201,249.

With Albany as its capital and New York City as its largest city. The New York state has a total area (Land and Water) of 54,555 miles or 141,297 kilometers.

The school is in the New York District of public schools. The New York district of public schools has 542 high schools and 9 out of them is a Specialized High Schools with Stuyvesant being 1 of them.

I hope this article answers your question about where Stuyvesant High School is located.

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