Stuyvesant High School Calendar For Academic Activities

If you have always wondered what the Stuyvesant High School calendar for academic activities looks like, I’m about to give you all you need to know about the school’s academic calendar.

First, let us look into the demographics of the school then we can go ahead to look at the academic calendar.

Stuyvesant High School opened in September 1904 as Manhattan’s first manual trade school for boys. At the time of its opening, the school consisted of 155 students and 12 teachers.

Initially, the school offered a core curriculum of “English, Latin, modern languages, history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and music,” as well as a physical education program. And a more specialized track of “woodworking, metalworking, mechanical drawing, and freehand drawing.

However, in June 1908, New York City’s Superintendent of Schools announced that the trade school curriculum would be separated from the core curriculum and a discrete trade school would operate in the Stuyvesant building during the evening.

Thereafter, Stuyvesant became renowned for excellence in math and science. In 1909, eighty percent of the school’s alumni went to college, compared to other schools, which only sent 25% to 50% of their graduates to college. The school now has 3,344 and 22: 1 pupil-to-teacher ratio.

How is the Stuyvesant High School calendar for the year?

The academic calendar for Stuyvesant begins in September each year and through to June the next year. In between the months in school, there are some recesses for students to rest after all the hard work in school.

A well-planned academic calendar ensures the day-to-day teaching and learning activities are on point. It also ensures the smooth running of the school. As everyone knows what to do when to do it, and how to do it.

Stuyvesant High School Calendar For Academics

Here is a link to the 2022-2023 academic year’s calendar for you to look at Stuyvesant High School Calendar for academics.

The school has been doing well academically over the years. This can also be related to the steller planning of the academic calendar to meet the demands of the students academically.

Stuyvesant has a total enrollment of over 3,000 students and is open to residents of New York City entering ninth or tenth grade.

Enrollment is based solely on performance on the three-hour Specialized High Schools Admissions Test, which is administered annually.

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