Thomas Jefferson High School Football; Team Name, Coach

The Thomas Jefferson high school for science and technology is currently the best high school in the nation. The school is not only famed for its exploits in academia but also for its sports accolades.

The school has one of the most vibrant athletics teams which is made up of 28 teams. The entire team takes part in the Virginia High school league also known as the National District (VHSL).

Among the school’s athletics teams is the football team which is one of the best in the city. Football in TJHSST is always scheduled for the Falls semester.

Summary of Thomas Jefferson High School football

The Thomas Jefferson high school football team hasn’t enjoyed a good run in the 2022/2023 school year. In fact, the team played 9 games out of with they won 3, and lost 5.

Aside this not soo impressive statistics for this falls season, the school’s varsity football team ranks 317 in all of Virginia, 53rd in Virginia division 6A, and 220th in Washington DC metro.

The team currently has 81 players and 1 staff on its roaster. You can follow this link to check the team’s standings. Click here for Thomas Jefferson science & technology football standings.

What is the Thomas Jefferson high school football team’s name?

The Thomas Jefferson High School’s Varsity boys’ football team is known in the VHSL as the colonials. Sounds great right?

Who is Thomas Jefferson high school football team’s coach?

The current coach of the Thomas Jefferson high school football team is Aaron Raffle. He is very good at what he does and is loved by all his athletes.

That’s all the information you need about Thomas Jefferson High School football. There are other details about the school you can find here.

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