What Is Thomas Jefferson High School Virginia Ranking And Position?

Thomas Jefferson High School Virginia ranking in recent times among other high schools in Virginia State as well as across the United States has caught the attention of many.

In this article, I have taken the burden to share with you some details of Thomas Jefferson High School ranking as well as its position in the current charts.

The ranking of schools is very important as it helps prospective students to make an informed decision on where to further their education and where not to.

Thomas Jefferson High School Virginia ranking now

Among the numerous High Schools in the United States, Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology is placed at number 1163 in the United States national ranking.

Thomas Jefferson High School Virginia ranking falls at number 256 in ranking. The institution has its international baccalaureate percentage at 29% when scaling down to high schools located in Virginia State,

TheĀ Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology is a well-structured suburban and coeducational high school in the United States, specifically in Northern Virginia city, that was founded in 1985.

The school is equipped state of the art infrastructure with a keen focus on mathematics, science, Technology, and engineering programs.

The institution has been in existence for close to 40 years with an enrollment of about 1,809 and a teaching staff population of around 100 running fromĀ grade nine (9) as its least grade and grade twelve (12) as its highest grade accepted.

According to the United States News and World Reports (USNWR), a media company that ranks, profiles, and analyzes institutions for quality work done, Thomas Jefferson High school is the best of all the high schools in the United States for 2021 and 2022.

Ranking of institutions is vitally needed after critical analysis by awarding institutions to create competitive environments and promote efficiency in work output by low-performing institutions.

In every school system, the mode of ranking and positioning of various schools are based on some selected standards as common grounds for such analysis.

Some of these common grounds for rank calculation in the United States are Infrastructure and facilities, International participation, Courses offered, Qualification accepted, graduation, and International Baccalaureate (IB) academic records (core programs) among others.

Also, the ranking of schools and other educational institutions can be on a worldwide basis, national basis, State-based, Regional based, or district based depending on whoever is carrying out the analysis.

It should again be noted that high schools, middle schools, colleges, and elementary schools are ranked separately from each other to attain a more accurate analysis report. This is why Thomas Jefferson High School Virginia ranking is unique.

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