UK Student Visa Application – Apply Now

A UK Student Visa, also known as a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa, is a type of visa that allows international students to study in the United Kingdom for a specified period of time. This visa is issued to non-EEA (European Economic Area) students who want to pursue a course of study at a UK … Read more

The Total Number of High Schools In LAUSD

high schools in LAUSD

Are you wondering about the number of schools in the LAUSD? Look no further, in this article, we will explore the number of high schools in LAUSD. The United States has public schools funded by the states and counties and independent or private funded by private individuals and organizations or associations. The public schools are … Read more

List of Homeschool Programs In Thailand

Homeschool programs in Thailand

Let’s explore some of the homeschool programs in Thailand being used by parents. Yes, just like any other developed country, Thailand also has traditional schooling systems and a homeschooling option which the country legalized back in 2004 according to HSLDA Thailand. Homeschooling is self-explanatory as it is by itself the process of educating your child … Read more

All Time Stuyvesant Acceptance Rate And Cutoff Score

Stuyvesant acceptance rate

One troubling topic on the minds of applicants hoping to get into Stuyvesant High School is the Stuyvesant acceptance rate. Stuyvesant is one of the nine specialized high schools administrated by the Department of Education, New York. The school is part of the nine high schools operated by the DOE, NY to support gifted students … Read more

Total Percentage Required To Study In USA

Percentage required to study in USA

In an earlier post, I covered all you should know about applying for admission into US Universities. And so in this article, I have elaborated further on the percentage required to study in USA. One major factor you must be particular about when applying to study in the US is the equivalence of your GPA or … Read more