What Is Thomas Jefferson High School Acceptance Rate?

Thomas Jefferson High School acceptance rate in terms of yearly admission is improving. The school is one of the most highly selective high schools when it comes to admissions into high schools.

The school uses a selective admissions program that was initiated in 1985 through the cooperation of state and county governments, as well as corporate sponsorship from the defense and technology industries.

Attendance at the school is open to students in six local jurisdictions ( Fairfax, Arlington, Loudoun, Prince William counties, Cities of Fairfax, and Falls Church) based on academic achievement, essays, and socio-economic background.

The high competitiveness of the admission requires that a prospective applicant must be enrolled in Algebra 1 or a higher level math class in 8th grade and have a minimum GPA of 3.5 to be eligible.

What Is Thomas Jefferson High School Acceptance Rate?

The admissions process is based on a grade point average, a math or science-related problem-solving essay, a student portrait sheet demonstrating skills and character, and details about a student’s socio-economic background including whether they are economically disadvantaged a special education student or an English language learner.

But, What Is Thomas Jefferson High School acceptance rate? Let’s find out.

What is Thomas Jefferson High School acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate of Thomas Jefferson High School is the percentage of students admitted per application each year as against the total number of applicants for the year.

Below are the statistics on Thomas Jefferson High School acceptance rate over the last decade;

Year              Applicants   Admit    Acceptance rate

  • 2013        3,121           480          15.4%
  • 2014        2,900           487          16.8%
  • 2015        2,841           493          17.4%
  • 2016        2,868           483          16.8%
  • 2017        2,902           490          16.9%
  • 2018        3,160           485          15.3%
  • 2019        2,766           494          17.9%
  • 2020        2,539           486          19.1%
  • 2021        3,034           550          18.1%
  • 2022        2,544           550          21.6%

Based on the data above, the school receives about 2000 to 3000 plus applications each year and only an average of 480 to 550 of these applicants are admitted.

The statistics also show in the last decade, the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) received about 28,675 applications and admitted only 4,998 of the applicants. This places the school’s total acceptance rate for the last decade at 17.4%.

The current enrollment of the school is pegged at 1,886 ( as of 2022) and student to teacher ratio of 18:1. Out of the 1,886 students, 41% are female and 59% are male students.

The school also has a Student Diversity (Minority enrollment) score of 81.7. With 18.3% being Whites, 72.0% Asians, 4.8% Two or More Races, 3.0% Hispanics,1.8% Blacks, 0.1% American Indians/Alaska Natives, and 0.1% Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders.

That’s all on Thomas Jefferson High School acceptance rate. Some facts and figures were sourced from wikipedia.org and usnews.com.

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