The Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Here’s all you must know about the disadvantages of homeschooling your child. Homeschooling in itself is not a bad idea as it is quite fulfilling but it also comes with some disadvantages as well.

Homeschooling as its already self-explanatory is the process of educating your child at home instead of sending them to traditional schools that are open to the public.

Homeschooling doesn’t limit the instructions to just the parents rather private tutors can as well be contracted to homeschool the child.

Disadvantages of homeschoolingThe traditional school curriculum is not abandoned when homeschooling since the child is expected to transition into a tertiary institution someday in the future.

Compared with traditional schooling, homeschooling is quite a great option when it comes to the quality of education and the flexibility of the teaching and learning process.

The benefits are bountiful yet the disadvantages are glaring. In fact, there has been a number of studies and reports on the negatives of homeschooling that is just bad to ignore.

I have detailed a handful of them in this article for your perusal.

What are the disadvantages of homeschooling?

The disadvantages of homeschooling are numerous, below is a handful of the advantages of homeschooling you should know about;

  • Limited socialization opportunities;

Homeschooling which obviously means schooling at home limits the child when it comes to socialization opportunities. In traditional schools, you get to meet and interact with people from all walks of life.

You get to acquire people skills and in the process learn from them new things which is a major part of socialization. Homeschooling denies the child all this experience.

  • Inadequate education

Some groups of thought have raised questions about the adequacy of education in homeschooling.

The concerns raised are in regard to the preparedness of the child for tertiary as most scholars feel the parents or private tutoring homeschooling may not be qualified enough to prepare the child for higher education.

  • Potential for abuse

Another disadvantage of homeschooling is the potential abuse of children in unstable homes. Oftentimes, traditional schools offer a safe space for children coming from unstable homes who have been consistently abused either physically or psychologically.

Traditional schools have mechanisms in place to counsel students who suffer one form of abuse from home and offer assistance when deemed necessary but a child being homeschooled will remain potentially vulnerable to abuse since they are always indoors.

  • Limited access to resources

There is also limited access to the resources available to the child being homeschooled. Children in Traditional schools have unlimited access to resources to aid their academic progress.

Some of these resources may be quite expensive for parents to acquire for their child at home and may often comprise which is ultimately going to affect the quality of education being offered to the child at home.

  • Challenges with college admissions¬†

Children homeschooled find it difficult to get into some top universities as the child’s credentials and level of preparation may not need the requirements of these universities.

Some universities and colleges have concerns with the homeschooling process since not much is known about it like that of traditional schools.


The disadvantages of homeschooling are numerous as I have already stated however is it important to note that the negative of homeschooling as highlighted in this doesn’t apply to all homeschooled children.

Some of them actually get to enjoy the best form of education considering the advantages. So it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

The disadvantages of homeschooling as highlighted in this article are;

  1. Limited socialization opportunities
  2. Inadequate education
  3. Potential for abuse
  4. Limited access to resources
  5. Challenges with college admissions

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