List of Homeschool Programs In Thailand

Let’s explore some of the homeschool programs in Thailand being used by parents. Yes, just like any other developed country, Thailand also has traditional schooling systems and a homeschooling option which the country legalized back in 2004 according to HSLDA Thailand.

Homeschooling is self-explanatory as it is by itself the process of educating your child at home or a designated location instead of the traditional school.

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Since the law was passed legalizing homeschooling in Thailand, it has gained so much prominence over the years.

Most Thai parents are now opting for the homeschooling option of educating their children. This can be attributed to the recent pandemic which saw schools all over the world shutting down for months.

One question on the minds of parents considering homeschooling their child is the programs offered during homeschooling.

This is because homeschooling is quite involving and delicate as you want to be sure your child is getting the right education at home.

Homeschool programs in Thailand

In order to homeschool your child, families are required by law to apply to the Thai Homeschool and avail their child to be assessed yearly.

That being said, let’s look at the homeschooling programs in Thailand.

What are the homeschool programs in Thailand?

Depending on the grade level of your child, homeschooling them can be done online or by engaging the services of a professional private tutor.

Since the child will be assessed by the authorities in a form of a standard test, most homeschooling parents are encouraged to ensure they stay within the curriculum.

Homeschool programs in Thailand support primary and secondary age through to IGCSE and A levels.

Thailand has many different homeschooling programs, which vary in terms of curriculum, structure, and approach.

Here is a list of homeschool programs in Thailand:

  1. Classical education
  2. Montessori
  3. Unschooling
  4. Online schools
  5. Textbook-based programs
  6. Eclectic approach

Some of these programs give parents a set curriculum and lesson plans to follow, while others allow parents to create their own educational plans.

They also focus on specific subjects, such as language arts or science, while others offer a more well-rounded education.

When selecting a homeschooling program, it is crucial to think about your child’s learning style and needs, as well as your own resources and goals as a parent.

That’s all about the homeschool programs in Thailand. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe for more updates.

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