Do Colleges Have Dorms?

Moving from high school into colleges, one question we ask as students is; do colleges have dorms? Honestly, this question has been necessitated by the fact that high school students entering colleges will like to get a place away from home.

Every high school student and their parents wish for the best of college life since this is where people get professional knowledge.

Because of the quest to have the best college education, there is the need to know if colleges have dorms and also if possible, the list of colleges with dorms.

Most high schools have dorms but to answer the question, do high schools have dorms? Let’s start by looking at the meaning of a dorm and what it stands for in general.

What are dorms?

Wikipedia defines a dorm which is a shorthand for dormitory as a building primarily providing sleeping and residential quarters for large numbers of people such as boarding schools or hostels for high schools and colleges.

In short, a dorm is a large accommodation facility that serves as a sleeping place for students especially from all around the world.

A dorm
A dorm

Do Colleges Have Dorms?

Colleges do not necessarily have dorms if you must know. However, the event of students and applicants coming from very far places requires that accommodation facilities are provided.

With this, colleges have partnered with some private developers to support students in the provision of accommodation.

That being said, let me say categorically that colleges have dorms but not boring houses. These dorms are rented and paid for by the students and their parents.

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