Total Number of High Schools In California

Here’s all you must know about the number of high schools in California that might interest you. In our previous post, we explored the most expensive high school in California and the number of high schools in LAUSD.

That’s why we will be looking into the overall number of high schools in California. But, before then, let us look at a brief overview of education in the State of California.

Aside from the fact that California has the second largest city (Los Angeles) in the United States, the State of California is also home to some top schools in the United States.

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California is ranked among the best States when it comes to education in the United States. The pre-college education that’s PK, K – 12 in State is governed by the California Department of Education.

Over the years, the educational standards in the State have shot significantly and this has ultimately resulted in stellar academic performances from various institutions across California.

number of high schools in CaliforniaThe State has also ensured children between the ages of 6 to 18 enjoy free and compulsory education unless they are enrolled in an independent school.

This partly resulted in an estimate of about 6.9 million students being enrolled in various grades across various schools in the State of California.

Let me take you back to the focus of this article which is the number of high schools in California.

What is the number of high schools in California?

There are 2,581 high schools spread across the length and breadth of California. This number is made up of 1,297 public schools (Traditional, Magnet, and Charter) and 1,284 Independent or private schools.

These numbers may be subject to review due to the continuous addition of new schools each year. You can always check NCES or by contacting the California Department of Education to get more data.

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