List of Top 10 High School For International Students In Accra

A global institution that supports education in a multicultural setting is known as an international school. International schools are privately sponsored educational establishments that primarily serve ex-pat children and in this article, I will share with you a list of 10 high schools for international students in Accra.

Students that attend an international school get to encounter other cultures and cultures around the world as they normally travel.

They will acquire considerably greater prospects for higher study, typically abroad, thanks to these experiences, which will help them widen their horizons, overcome language barriers, become fluent in several foreign languages, and learn new skills.

Excellent staff and support structures are essential for a strong international school. Support personnel is on hand to help out needy pupils and collaborate with educators, parents, and students to create programs that cater to the unique needs of each student.

What are 10 high schools for international students in Accra?

Since 2009 and beyond, there were and still are many international schools in Accra that really push many students into a higher category and they are really doing the best as expected. The good news is, all Accra international schools are internationally accredited with the expected values and requirements.

In fact, there are most high schools in Accra that are noted to be the best and doing a great delivery in education. They were and yet are still recognized as exceptional.

Precisely, Most of them, thus; International schools in Ghana, provide a broad educational program that enables students to comprehend many foreign cultures. National schools do not provide such a thing since they place a greater emphasis on texts.

By enrolling your kids in an international school, you open up a world of opportunities for them in the classroom. Because of the diverse backgrounds and ethnicities of the students and professors who come from all over the world, kids develop a comfort level with others from different cultures.

In particular, these schools are not supervised by the Education Act of 1996 but are instead under the Ministry of Education’s Private Education Division’s oversight. Various extracurricular activities, better facilities, smaller class sizes, and even residential facilities are offered by international schools.

The top 10 remarkable, well-known, and authorized international high schools in Accra are, nonetheless, as follows:

  1. Ghana International School
  2. SOS – Herman School
  3. Soul Clinic International School
  4. Vilac International School
  5. Lincoln Community School
  6. American International School
  7. Spring forth International School
  8. British International School
  9. German Swiss International School
  10. Tema International School

However, studying internationally offers a wider variety of courses, some also including research options and skill-based training for students.

This helps expand your horizons and opens up a world of new educational opportunities. Not only this, but certain programs abroad also allow you to take different courses at the same time.

With the above international schools listed, they duly provide the best tuition as required to students to their maximum expectations.

Most of the time, the value of international education is totally dependent on how well it prepares students to become compassionate, open-minded, global citizens who can bring about positive change in the world.

The influence of one’s own culture and upbringing is questioned in a healthy way through international education hence anyone should consider joining one of these high schools for international students in Accra.

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