List of Elementary Schools In Los Angeles

In a previous article, we looked at a list of middle schools in Los Angeles. I have now compiled a list of elementary schools in Los Angeles in this article for you.

Let’s look at the meaning of an elementary school in the American educational system. An elementary school in the United States is a school for the primary education of children who are four to eleven years of age.

The city of Los Angeles has quite a large number of schools both public and private due to it being the second most populous city in the United States. So it’s only normal for the city to have enough schools to cater to the large population.

There are about 5,917 public elementary schools against 175 private K-12 in Los Angeles but I have compiled a handful of them according to Niche’s report on the best elementary schools in Los Angeles for you in this article.

There is a difference between elementary schools, high schools, and middle schools. This is because each of them is designed for people of a particular age bracket. Each of these levels of education has its unique curriculums as well.

What are the elementary schools in Los Angeles?

The elementary schools in Los Angeles are;

  1. Polytechnic School
  2. Chadwick School
  3. Oakwood School
  4. Sierra Canyon School
  5. TVT Community Day School
  6. Brentwood School
  7. Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences
  8. St. Margaret’s Episcopal School
  9. The Buckley School
  10. Campbell Hall
  11. Viewpoint School
  12. Pacific Academy – Irvine
  13. New Covenant Academy
  14. New Roads School
  15. Granada Hills Charter
  16. Wildwood School
  17. Elite Open School
  18. Pilgrim School
  19. Sequoyah School
  20. Southlands Christian Schools
  21. Palm Crest Elementary School
  22. La Canada Elementary School
  23. Trinity Classical Academy
  24. Paradise Canyon Elementary School
  25. Village Christian School
  26. Valentine Elementary School
  27. Point Vicente Elementary School
  28. Carver Elementary School
  29. Marengo Elementary School
  30. The Waverly School
  31. Vista Verde
  32. Ribét Academy
  33. El Morro Elementary School
  34. Arroyo Vista Elementary School
  35. Birney Elementary School
  36. Tulita Elementary School
  37. Franklin Elementary School
  38. Santiago Hills Elementary School
  39. Silver Spur Elementary School
  40. Richard Henry Lee Elementary School
  41. Jack L. Weaver Elementary School
  42. Dapplegray Elementary School
  43. Larchmont Charter School
  44. Turtle Rock Elementary School
  45. Cornerstone at Pedregal Elementary School
  46. Alta Vista Elementary School
  47. Canyon View Elementary School
  48. Soleado Elementary School
  49. Roosevelt Elementary School
  50. Vista Grande Elementary School

You can head to niche to view the complete list. This is because there are other schools that I have not mentioned in this article.

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