Link To Vista High School Assault Video On Twitter

The Vista High School assault video on Twitter is a video of the school’s football locker room incident which went viral and got everyone talking on both social and traditional media.

The cross-messaging platform Twitter carried the video with the hashtag for days and has become the most popular place to find the video to date.

In this article, I have sampled a list of links that you can follow to get access to the Vista High School assault video on Twitter.

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What happened to the kid at vista high school

The 14-year-old kid at Vista High School was assaulted and harassed by some of the boys on the school’s football team on August 31.

Even though the whole team was in the locker room where the incident occurred, the video that went viral on social media platforms showed that only a handful of them was actually involved.

Vista High School assault video on Twitter

Even though the initial reports sought to classify the incident as an assault, preliminary investigations and the coming out of the video showed otherwise.

The bigger question asked by users on Twitter was very simple; what was the 14-year-old kid doing in the locker room? Is he also a member of the school’s football team?

You can watch the video here and share as well with others who may not have watched it yet. We do not condone this kind of action on our website or its subsidiary social media accounts.

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