Facts About Northridge Academy High School Football Team And Coach

What do you already know about Northridge Academy High School football? Well, if you are reading about the sports team for the first time, all details are available in this article.

Over the years, Northridge Academy has had progressive sports programs that have continued to improve. The School takes pride in its student-athletes reaching certain academic goals as much as in creating a family-team environment.

All sports programs embrace differences and talents in each individual, creating a sense of togetherness and a new outlet for meeting new people who share the same interests.

Now, before the Northridge Academy High School opened in September 2004, LAUSD referred to the school as Valley New High School #1. The intended purpose of the school is to relieve overcrowding at neighboring Monroe, Cleveland High School, and Granada Hills Charter High School.

Northridge Academy currently does not have its own attendance boundary. Rather, it shares the attendance boundary of four neighboring high schools (Cleveland, Granada Hills Charter High School, Monroe High School, and John F. Kennedy High School).

So eighth graders who live in the attendance areas for these schools have the option of applying to attend Northridge Academy High School.

The school has three major athletic seasons, that is the Fall- Athletics season, Winter Athletics, and Spring Athletics. The School has 16 sporting activities spread over the three seasons.

Northridge Academy High School Football; Team And Coach?

Northridge Academy High School football team

Unfortunately, Northridge Academy High School doesn’t have a football team. The game is not included in their list of Athletics teams and coaches.

On the list, are Cross Country (Boys), Girls Cross Country (Girls), TBD Girls Volleyball (JV), and Girls’ Volleyball (Varsity) for the Falls Athletics season.

For winter – there is the Girls’ Basketball (Varsity), Girls’ Basketball (JV), Boys’ Basketball (Varsity), Boys’ Basketball (JV), Boys’ Soccer (Varsity), Boys’ Soccer (JV), Girls’ Soccer (Varsity), and Girls Soccer (JV).

The Springs Athletics also has Boys’ Volleyball (Varsity), Boys’ Volleyball (JV), Baseball, and softball.

The school also has a vibrant sideline cheering team for each season.

Who is the Northridge Academy High School football team coach?

Because the Northridge Academy High School football team does not exist, there is no coach to man up. however, in the link attached, you will find a list of all the Northridge Academy Athletics coaches alongside the teams they are managing. The list also contains their contact details. Athletic Teams & Staff

Tryouts are open to 9th graders each year. All students intending to try out will need to fill out an athletic packet and obtain a doctor’s physical and turn it in to Mr. Andrade (Athletics Director) to get cleared. Do not wait or you will miss the opportunity.

That’s all the information you need on Northridge Academy High School football including the team and coach.

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