Vista High School Assault Video; How It Happened

Vista High School Assault Video; How did it happen? If you’re looking for details on how the Vista High School  Assault happened then look no further. In this post, I will show you how it all happened.

Vista High School has seen some bad media coverage for some time now due to the happenings in the school. The School has been dealing with increasing assaultive behaviors among students. The pinnacle of it was an assault on 14-year-old Vista High School in the locker room on August 31st.

In our earlier post, we gave you details on the people involved in the assault including dates and location. So in this post, I will show you a video of the assault as it happened.

Vista High School Assault Video; How It Happened

In a video posted on the youtube channel of CBS 8 San Diego. A 14-year-old boy is seen pushed to the ground and assaulted by a gang of football players. Part of the video showed a student holding something of a sort that looks like a wooden handle during the assault.

This led the parents of the boy to agitate that the boy may have been assaulted with the wooden handle since part of the video showed him pulling up his shorts after the assault.

The parents of the assault said in an interview that they are putting a lot of the blame on the head coach of the team who was reluctant in sharing what goes on the field and locker room.

The coach has since been placed on leave pending the conclusion of investigations. Let’s look at the assault video in the link below;

The one-minute video appeared to show a hazing incident by Vista High School football players targeting a younger, teenage boy. The Vista Sheriff’s department has seen the video.

They are investigating the incident for possible criminal charges. That’s all on Vista High School Assault Video; and how it happened.

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